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The more you know about the psychology behind sex and attraction, the better you'll be when you get down and dirty.

My personal assets

If you happen to have big hands, I am probably the right girl for you tonight. My name is Rebecca and I love nothing better than meeting up with a man who has big hands. You see, unless you have big hands, you are not likely to be able to handle my assets. More than likely, they would just slip out and not get the kind of attention that they deserve. Like I tell my gents who like to call on me at Harlow escorts of, they are my natural assets after all. Nothing like the way nature made you ….


The debate about natural assets and man made delights, rages on. I would say that in general most of the men that I meet Harlow escorts really do appreciate natural assets when compared to the fake variety. They say that they prefer that natural feel. So do I, there is nothing like a natural feel when it comes to having assets like mine handled. I am sure that you will soon appreciate what I mean. All you need to do is take a look at my Harlow escorts photos to see what I am talking about.


Is there anything fake about this girl? There is nothing fake about me at all, and before you book your next date with that fake babe, you may just want to give Harlow escorts a call to find out if I am free. I promise to give you a totally new and more exciting dating experience. There is nothing like meeting me in the flesh if you would like to have a chance to admire all of my special assets. I am sure that you will have a lot of exciting stuff to tell your friends about…


But maybe you don’t want to tell your friends. I find that many of my dates and gentlemen callers at Harlow escorts would like to keep me as a closely guarded secret. That is okay, and I am sure that they have their own reasons for that. Perhaps they think there will be more for them than ever before. It is true, I do have my favorite dates, and I  like to look after them. If you would like to be one of them, you would have to be a really good boy on your first date and do exactly as I say…


Not only have I found that men like my personal assets. Most of them like they the way I treat them as well. Sometimes I can be one of those girls who can be a little bit bossy. But I think that many men like women like me who are not afraid to take charge. If you are one of these gents who like to meet a strong woman with big assets to show for it, give me a call at Harlow escorts. You can rely on me to come to visit you any time of the day or night, and I just know that you will appreciate my assets…

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